Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

StFX Rankin School of Nursing becomes only Canadian university to hold Best Practice Spotlight Organization designation

May 14th, 2018
L-r, StFX Rankin School of Nursing professor Janet Purvis and nurse educator Wendy Panagopoulos accept the BPSO certificate during the RNAO BPSO Knowledge Exchange Symposium

The StFX Rankin School of Nursing has become a Registered Nurses Association of Ontario Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO), and is the only university in Canada with this designation.

The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) is an organization that develops best practice guidelines for nursing and supports their integration into practice. These best practice guidelines are implemented and utilized nationally and internationally and are translated into seven languages. 

“Currently we’re the only university in Canada that has this designation,” says StFX nursing professor Janet Purvis, who chairs the BPSO steering committee at StFX. 

“This designation means that an agency or organization integrates and maintains best practices in all aspects of nursing practice. For StFX it means that we have integrated the best practice guidelines throughout the nursing curriculum in the classroom, lab/SIM, and the clinical setting.”

Ms. Purvis says it took StFX three years to achieve this designation as there are many requirements and conditions that are to be met. 

She says the process began at StFX four years ago by nursing faculty Dr. Joanne MacDonald. She had done work with RNAO and wanted to see StFX achieve this status as a university. The Nursing School embarked on a three-year commitment to work toward achieving BPSO status. 

“That meant we had to undertake a number of things such as to integrate best practice guidelines into our curriculum, form a steering committee, organize a number of best practice champion workshops, and set up a framework that is needed to initiate and maintain this work,” Prof. Purvis says. The Rankin School of Nursing has integrated all 54 guidelines into the new curriculum, has steering committee meetings to ensure the work continues, and reports ongoing to the RNAO to demonstrate they maintain the requirements of a BPSO for academia 

It took much work, but Prof. Purvis says they were thrilled with the result, the BPSO designation in June 2017. 

The Rankin School was officially presented with their BPSO certificate on April 19, 2018 during the RNAO BPSO Knowledge Exchange Symposium.  

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