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About Catholic Studies

Catholic Studies at StFX is a program that uses courses in art, history, literary studies, religious studies, philosophy and the social sciences to provide you with a wider perspective on the influences of Catholicism in world culture and history as well as on moral and spiritual life. The program emphasizes the significant contribution of Catholicism to the arts, sciences, society, human fulfillment and the overall human condition. Catholic Studies courses are for anybody who wants to have an informed, adult-level understanding of the Catholic Church's beliefs, traditions, and contributions to contemporary culture.

Why study Catholic Studies at StFX?

The program offers an intimate learning environment in which you explore some of the most challenging and valuable themes of human existence drawing on the insights of the Catholic Christian religion, such as human nature, the necessity of grace, and the compatibility of faith, reason and freedom. Your professors are accomplished scholars. Combine that with small class sizes and you are guaranteed to be included in intellectually inspired discussions.

First Year Catholic Studies:

Your will begin by learning about major developments in the history of the Catholic Church such as early Christianity, the Papacy, Ecumenical Councils, Mission, Internal Reforms, Reformation and Counter Reformation, the Enlightenment, World Wars, and the Catholic Church today. You will also investigate and examine themes such as: persecution, martyrdrom, sin, moral life, death, faith and divine love.

Rewarding careers in Catholic Studies:

The program is particularly beneficial to students interested in a teaching career. Many professionals in the fields of medicine, law, finance, business and education find that spiritual study offers a vital underpinning for their day-to-day work.

Flexible degree choices:

Catholic Studies is an interdisciplinary program in artistic culture, religious studies, history, literature, philosophy and institutions associated with Roman Catholicism. You can pursue it as a major with 24 credits from core courses in Catholic Studies and 12 credits from chosen electives.

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