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About Biology

When you study Biology at StFX, you’ll work in the classroom, the field and the lab. You’ll delve into the science of living organisms to explore the world, and the influence humans have on the global environment.

The StFX campus is five minutes away from rivers, estuaries and other marine aquatic habitats, and we’re equally close to Nova Scotia’s boreal forest. This emphasis on field and lab work means you’ll gain valuable hands-on experience while developing your critical thinking skills.

Ultimately, studying Biology at StFX will give you an understanding of the structure and function of living things - from the cell to global ecological systems.

Why study Biology at StFX?

Here, you’ll get a deep grounding in theory and then have the ability to grow your knowledge in the field. You’ll learn alongside dynamic professors who will encourage you to explore exciting, new perspectives in analyzing the fundamentals of biology.

First year Biology:

In first year alone, you’ll take Introductory Cell Biology and Diversity of Life, in-depth courses that explore cell biology, basic genetics, major groups of living organisms and evolution.

Rewarding careers in Biology:

Well-trained and educated biologists (or life scientists) are in demand all over the world. An undergraduate degree in Biology prepares students for careers in health sciences, education, graduate studies, aquatic biology, cell and molecular biology or ecology. Biology graduates pursue master’s and doctoral-level study in top medical, dental, veterinary and other schools around the world

Flexible degree choices:

Choose from several streams of study in Biology, including pre-professional, animal, plant, marine, population, environmental, cell and molecular. There are two interdisciplinary programs: Aquatic Resources and Environmental Science. Joint programs of study are also available with Psychology, Chemistry, Math and Physics.


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