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Scholarships at StFX


St. Francis Xavier University offers over $7 Million in merit-­based scholarships and financial aid to its new and current undergraduate students.

Students with an admissions average of 85% are eligible for an entrance scholarship worth at least $5,000 over four years of study.

Consideration for scholarships at StFX begins with your application to the university.

In-Course Scholarships

In-­course scholarships are awarded to students who have completed at least one academic year of 24 credits in the fall and winter terms combined towards a first degree. They are awarded on the basis of academic performance at StFX University. A minimum average of 80% is required.

  • Students are grouped by year of study and degree program

    Group A: B.A. and Music

    Group B: B.B.A.

    Group C: B.Sc. and Dip.Eng.

    Group D: B.Sc.N., B.Sc.H.N. and B.Sc./B.A. H.K.

  • Students eligible for more than one university funded scholarship (in course or renewable) will receive the largest to which the student is entitled
  • Students with an average of 80% or higher will qualify for $1,000
  • Students ranked in the top 5% of their group will qualify for $2,000
  • Students ranked first in their group will qualify for $5,000


Contact the Scholarship Office:

For more information on any of the scholarships, please contact

  • Phone: 1.902­.867­.4930
  • Email:
  • Mail:

    Registrar’s office – Admissions

    St. Francis Xavier University

    2329 Notre Dame Avenue

    Antigonish, Nova Scotia

    Canada B2G 2W5


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