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Student reviewing Admission Requirements for StFX

Admission Requirements

General Admission Requirements

For high school graduates, the minimum requirements include an overall average of 70% in Grade 12, with no marks below 65% in each of the required subjects.  Admissions to limited enrolment programs are competitive, thus, minimum grade requirements are subject to change. For detailed high school requirements, please see the following:

StFX requires the CASPer test for all nursing programs, please visit here for more information. 

Note: New testing dates for the 2019-2020 application cycle  are now posted.

Early Fall Admissions

Students who have a Grade 11 average of 80% or higher may be considered for Early Fall Admissions prior to their first set of Grade 12 marks being available. 


  1. A completed application, Grade 11 transcripts and a Grade 12 course list must be received by February 1 to be considered for Early Fall Admission.
  2. Due to the competitive nature of the program, Early Fall Admission is not available for Nursing.
  3. Students who are interested in Nursing must complete a mandatory CASPer Test to mantain admission eligibility.

Did you know?

Students with an admissions average of 85% and over are eligible for a StFX entrance scholarship worth at least $5,000 over four years of study.


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