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For Parents

For Parents and Guardians

University is an exciting new chapter in your student’s life. As a parent, you play a key role in making this transition a smooth one, and helping to support your son or daughter’s success once they’re here.

StFX is known for providing a safe, close-knit, and supportive environment for students. This includes welcoming parents to our StFX family, recognizing that you are an important partner in ensuring a rewarding and successful university experience for your student.

A reputation for excellence

StFX is well known for being ranked among the very best undergraduate universities in Canada. This means not only will your student find incredible opportunities for academic and personal growth, but they will also receive an education that employers worldwide will respect and recognize. In a highly-competitive job market, our 45,000 alumni worldwide provides a strong network for your student upon graduation.

On-campus support

We offer a number of programs and services designed to help ease the transition to university for students (and parents!). We also have a wide range of support services right here on campus to nurture your student’s academic, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. These include academic advising, a comprehensive health and wellness centre, counselling services, a writing centre, two libraries, sport and recreation opportunities, healthy meal options, an on-campus gym, and much more.

Keeping you informed

Each year, parents are welcomed during Orientation with presentations, a Q&A, campus tour and a special BBQ. As a parent, you’ll also receive handbooks and guides with valuable information including resources, important dates, contact info and tips for parenting through the university years. Some of these include:

Student Needs During the First Few Weeks:

  • Extra cash
  • Favourite food for their room
  • Mobile phone
  • Alarm clock
  • ID (passport or driver’s license)
  • Bed sheets, shower shoes, and towels
  • Bank account details and cheque book
  • Reassurance: Starting university is exciting, but it is also a time of major change.

Parents can also encourage their child to:

  • Attend all classes
  • Get to know professors
  • Make friends in each class
  • Learn how to manage their time
  • Get involved in at least one club
  • Take advantage of support services
  • Keep finances in check
  • Respect their roommate
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Ask for help

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The Just Because Program is designed for family and friends of students here at St FX to receive goody bags: simple fun treats, designed to brighten up a student's day!

We have packages that are themed throughout the year as well as Birthday and Special Occasions.

All Packages are $24.00 plus tax. For more details, including the Just Because Package options, click here!

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