Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

About StFX Sustainability

StFX Sustainability is an initiative meant to boost our community’s shared commitment to building a greener, more environmentally friendly campus.

Over the past number of years, StFX has significantly decreased its carbon footprint by reducing how much energy we use across campus, and cutting our carbon emissions. These results have added up.

From 2008 to 2016, we reduced greenhouse gas emissions on campus by 21.8% -- a decrease of 5,746 Metric Tonnes of CO2

There’s still more to do.

StFX has made a significant investment in the Energy Reduction Action Program (ERAP), which is expected to reduce the amount of energy used across campus – and reduce our energy bill in the process.

We’ve also hired student sustainability officers to help our staff, faculty and students understand the simple steps they can take to reduce their own environmental impact on campus.

But ultimately, environmental sustainability will require our campus community to do its part and make smarter, more green-friendly choices every day. We challenge you to do your part!

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