Two unlikely serial killers - lecture by Dr. Margo C. Watt

Postcard invitation to lecture by Dr. Margo Watt who is pictured in the bottom right corner.
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Dr. Margo C. Watt (Department of Psychology), will be delivering a special talk April 16th @ 1pm at NSCC Kingstec Campus (Kentville, NS) entitled "Two Unlikely Serial Killers". This talk will also be broadcast simultaneously at StFX in Schwartz Room 205 (SCHW 205). Informed by her research and practice as a clinical forensic psychologist, Dr. Watt will discuss two (in)famous Canadian cases of serial murder:  Russell Williams and Melissa Shepard.  

Discussion and questions will be facilitated from both sites for what will most certainly be a very interesting and thought-provoking discussion. The cases featured in her talk (as well as many others!) can be read about in more detail in her latest book, Cases in Clinical Forensic Psychology (2024), which will also be available for purchase in SCHW 205 following the talk. All are welcome to attend.