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Testing Accommodations at StFX

Testing accommodations will not be put in place until New Student Registration and Intake have occurred. Approved testing accommodations are based on the documentation provided to the Tramble Centre. 

A "reminder email" will be sent to you the day before testing informing you of where you will be writing. 

Please keep the lines of communication open with our staff about the testing accommodations that you have put in place. If those accommodations are not working for you then we will need to know about that in order to help you to make helpful changes. We encourage you to do this because we want you to be able to truly show what you know on all quizzes, tests and exams. 

Please also contact us if your testing schedule changes so that we can notify proctors. 

And, finally, it is always good practice to talk with your professor after you've written any test or quiz to get their input and make appropriate changes to your studying or testing strategies. 

If you have any questions or are looking for information, please email @email and one of our team members will respond in a timely manner. 

Test Booking Rules: 

  1. All tests must be booked at least 7 days before the date of the test - please book your tests as early as possible to avoid missing the deadline. 
  2. If you miss the 7-day deadline for booking tests or exams, you will be required to write with the rest of your class, without accommodations. 
  3. A $25.00 no-show charge will be added to your student account if you do not cancel your test booking or do not show up for a booked test. 

If there is an issue with testing, please email the Testing Coordinator, Jacquie Wilson at @email

Testing Accommodations: 

Accommodations for testing are specified in the documentation students submit to the Tramble Centre for Accessible Learning when registering with our Program. Testing accommodations can include providing extra time for testing (time and a half or double time), testing in a distraction-reduced environment, use of a memory aid, and using a screen reading program or voice-to-text technology. 

  • Use of memory aids: Some students’ documentation recommends the use of formula sheets, word banks or memory aids. Students must work closely with professors on the format and content of memory aids. Professors who have little experience with the use and effectiveness of memory aids often ask TCAL staff for advice on how to use these supports. Review the memory aid guidelines here.
  • Use of Calculators: Professors specify the make and model of the calculator to be used on their tests.


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