Create Your Deb-X Account

Using your ID Card as a Deb-X card is easy and works just like a debit card. Simply add money to your account to increase your Declining Card Balance (DCB). Use your taxable DCB at the Food Outlets on campus. Add money to your Deb-X account to shop at the STFX Store to get all you need for your semester. 

You can track your account balance and your usage on the app. Your family and friends can also make secure deposits or deactivate your Deb-X card in case of loss or theft. Please note that all on-campus block meal plans include a non-taxable DCB amount of $350. Taxable DCB funds cannot be transferred to your Deb-X account.

Get started and follow the steps below: 

1. Register as first-time user on a desktop or laptop 

2. Use your Webfx email and password (do not include 

3. To make deposits, follow the instructions on Deb-X page 

4. Select your school St.F.X.U 

Don't forget to download the free app "Blackboard Transact Mobile eAccounts" 

Save time by adding taxable DCB before the academic year begins.