A Small but Deeply Meaningful Symbol

Every university offers a ring to its graduates. But not every ring carries the meaning, heft, recognition, and symbolism of the X-Ring. The X-Ring is more than simply the recognition of your graduation, or a way of marking the transition from your time in school to the start of your career. It is a symbol that forever binds you to the Xaverian community and everything that it stands for. 

Your Symbol of Achievement

You applied yourself to your studies. You lived and worked with intention. You were determined that your StFX experience would set you up to make an impact in the world. Your X-Ring is a symbol that you achieved the goals you set for yourself. 

A Reminder of a Shared Experience

You and your friends, professors, and fellow students were part of a learning experience that emphasized community, social development, and being highly engaged in every aspect of life. Not every university offers this. 

Admission to an Exclusive Society

StFX has Canada’s strongest alumni network, a community of more than 40,000-strong who proudly call StFX home. You become a member of a group of people who will help and support you as you continue toward your next goal. 

A Visible Lifelong Declaration

As you advance in your career and your life, you will notice the X-Ring on the finger of clients, peers, and colleagues. And they will notice it on yours. An immediate camaraderie will be recognized!  

Want to see for yourself?
If you feel like StFX might be the right fit for you, you should visit! You can book a personalized in-person tour, or a virtual tour of campus and Antigonish. There’s no better way to get a sense of what StFX is really like than to experience it firsthand. So come on over! You just might fall in love with what you see.