CFI Institutional Operating Funds (IOF)

CFI Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF) is an allocation that can contribute to the incremental operating and maintenance costs associated with eligible projects funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation.

The purpose of IOF support is to maximize the efficient utilization of research infrastructure and to ensure the infrastructure is operational and ready for research.


St. Francis Xavier University has been given the responsibility and authority by CFI to allocate the IOF funds among its eligible finalized projects admissible under the IOF in accordance with an internal plan for maintenance of CFI-funded infrastructure. It is the University’s responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are provided for the operations and maintenance of CFI-funded infrastructure. Applications for IOF grants will be submitted to the Associate Vice President, Research and Graduate Studies (AVPRGS) on an annual basis. Normally, these requests will be completed in Spring each year, in order for an appropriate request to made to CFI. It is expected that Project Leaders will normally apply for IOF funding within six months of the completion of the CFI project (infrastructure has been installed and is in state of readiness for conducting research). There is no maximum number of years for which IOF can be claimed, as long as the infrastructure is still being used for research purposes during the period for which IOF funds are claimed. However, the AVPRGS will take into account number of years of IOF support, plans for use of funding, research productivity in the use of the IOF and infrastructure, as well as other Project Leaders’ demands on the use of IOF funding.

Applications are submitted using the StFX ROMEO Researcher Portal.


Internal CFI IOF Policy