Program Overview:

About Development Studies

Development Studies at StFX is for undergraduate students who want to learn about development theories and practices, particularly at the community level, in the Global South, Canada, and the Atlantic region.  

Our interdisciplinary program grows out of the Antigonish Movement, a social and economic movement grounded in community-based development and the global outreach of the Coady International Institute. Inspired by this rich tradition, Development Studies fosters critical thinking while providing opportunities to put theories of social and climate justice into practice. A Development Studies degree empowers you with the knowledge and leadership skills to help create a better world.  

Why Study Development Studies At StFX?

Students learn about development in Atlantic Canada and beyond, providing the unique opportunity to work with university faculty, development professionals from the Coady International Institute, and other agents involved in fostering development. While at StFX you’ll meet community leaders from Africa, Asia and Latin America, and you may choose to visit a community development project through an internship or service learning trip in another country. Development Studies graduates leave StFX with a deeper understanding of the world, development theory and practice, and the skills needed to apply this knowledge.

First Year at a Glance

Development Studies courses begin in your first year with DEVS 101. This course will introduce you to the field of development studies, exploring topics such as colonialism and its legacies, Indigenous people, gender and development, environment and climate change, food insecurity, human rights and diversity, human displacement and migration, and economic relations. With this foundational course, you can continue your studies within the program.  

You can complete an Honours, Advanced Joint Major, Joint Major, Minor, Subsidiary, or Pair in Development Studies. See our degree requirements page for more info. 

Future Opportunities 

As an interdisciplinary program, Development Studies can take you in many directions. It provides an excellent foundation for further study and careers in a wide variety of areas, including community and international development, humanitarian and social justice work, urban and rural planning, law, journalism, economics, government, international relations and education. Development Studies can also help to prepare and equip you for the ever-changing dynamics of global society. 

“StFX has inspired me to further pursue my passion of service, but more importantly it has been influential in narrowing down my interest to a particular concentration. The Development Studies program has provided the direction and purpose I required to make my passion of service a reality.” – Kujang Kandaru, BA Joint Major Development Studies and Political Science 

The career opportunities available to Development Studies graduates are diverse and include opportunities, such as:

  • International Relations
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Social Justice
  • Urban and Rural Planner

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