Program Overview:

About Public Policy and Governance

Public policy and governance systems shape our everyday lives in profound ways. Complex societal problems require good governance and the development of effective policies. Often, this involves close collaboration between a wide array of actors inside and outside of government. But how do these actors work together? How do they identify problems, create solutions, and implement and evaluate policies? The Public Policy and Governance program explores these critical questions and provides students with the analytical frameworks, tools, and skills required to solve these problems across a broad spectrum of careers.

Why study public policy and governance at StFX?

An applied and focused undergraduate degree, the StFX Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy and Governance (PGOV) is one of the few of its kind in Canada. It’s also one of the country’s best-funded undergraduate programs, offering support to over 200 students – amounting to over $660,000 per year.

PGOV students enjoy small class sizes and the opportunity to get to know their professors and their peers. Here, you will develop the ability to bridge ideological or values-based divides to find common ground and work together towards practical solutions.

StFX is also home to the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government, one of the few institutes dedicated to the study of public policy and governance at the undergraduate level. Named for Canada’s 18th prime minister (and StFX alumnus), the Institute brings together some of Canada’s top scholars and thinkers. PGOV students study in beautiful Mulroney Hall, a stunning new venue located in the heart of the StFX campus. Take a virtual tour.

First year at a glance

In first year, students are introduced to key concepts, context, and competencies required in the study and conduct of public policy and governance. The banner course for the year is PGOV 101: Introduction to Public Policy and Governance, which offers students a window into the complex world of governance and policymaking. Students will also take a range of complementary courses in disciplines such as Political Science, Economics, and Statistics designed to expand their knowledge of political and economic systems and build their skillset.

During their first year, students are encouraged to get involved in the PGOV program outside the classroom – attend talks from experienced guest speakers, get to know your professors and peers, and join the Public Policy and Governance Student Society and the Our House Too Society, both of which are run by PGOV students.

Future opportunities

The PGOV program prepares students for careers in a wide array of industries. Many of our students choose to continue their studies in graduate school, seeking advanced degrees in policy studies, law, business, and other fields. Often, graduates move directly into careers in relevant fields.

  • Advocacy, Lobbying, and Consulting
  • International Relations
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Public Policy and Administration

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