We, as a community, must commit ourselves to do more to ensure that the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion are held at the highest level in all that we do as an institution of higher learning.  There is much energy in this university to create positive change through action and we ask that, as a community, we put our collective weight behind the work of the President’s Action Committee on Anti-Racism (PACAR). The call for change has been made. The call needs to be answered. What we do as an institution matters.

PACAR is committed to identifying and addressing systemic barriers to full and equal participation at StFX, review university policies, procedures, and practices to ensure alignment with our goals of equity and inclusion. Widespread education about racism and clear communications about our intolerance of racism and racist practices must be at the forefront of our anti-racist strategy. The scope of work encompasses the entire sphere of university operations. The objectives are to:

  • Serve as a resource to the President, and members of the senior leadership team, on anti-racism with particular attention to anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism.

  • Work with existing offices, committee structures, and positions within the university to ensure highly coordinated, and well communicated university-wide approaches to addressing anti-racism.

  • Review current policies and procedures with an intention to better address community racism and promote anti-racism.

  • Work to provide community informed pathways to adjust, improve and implement a university-level anti-racism action plan. This action plan addresses diversity, equity and inclusion issues related to reporting, teaching and learning practices, and services and supports.

  • Serve as an ongoing lens focused on all matters associated with addressing racism and the promotion of anti-racism at StFX.