SQL for Humanities, Social Sciences, & Librarians

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15, 22 November, 1230-1530hrs Atlantic / 1300-1600hrs NL

This two-part session is the second of our beginner level Humanities & Social Sciences Data Organization & Analysis Series. Many web applications, research project websites, and library & archival repositories store data in relational databases. A relational database can help you keep your data separate from your analysis, improve quality control of data entry, reduce duplication of data, and improve your ability to search across large and complex datasets. Structured Query Language, or SQL, is a powerful language used to search and manipulate relational databases. This workshop teaches participants about relational databases and SQL using SQLite. You will learn how to write queries in SQL and how to use aggregate functions to combine data. It uses examples and challenges from Humanities, Social Sciences, and library research fields and uses librarycarpentry.org materials. There are no prerequisites. DETAILS & REGISTER